Gospel Choir

… and a Chance to Sing in a Gospel Choir

Deborah directing and playing a Christmas Program at a local church. Sing with me!

I have served as Accompanist and Choir Director in several churches.  One of my dreams is to direct an independent choir that will take gospel music to various local establishments like assisted living facilities, churches, and historic places especially during Christmas.  If you are interested in singing and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in song, you are welcome to audition for the choir.

Gospel Choir Procedures and Prices
For the Period from September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020

Choir practices will begin when I’ve accepted a minimum of 2 people for each part.  Rehearsals will take place at the studio, which is located in Ellicott City, Maryland.  I may be reached there on 410-812-1991.  Anyone interested in singing may audition at the studio free of charge.  The prices are based on a rate of $7.50 per week.  The first payment is due at the first rehearsal.  Subsequent payments are due monthly, in advance, at the rehearsal before the first of each month, for the number of weeks in that month.

Once the choir matures and starts giving concerts, the rates will be due in semester increments, at the rehearsal prior to the next semester:

Price for the Fall Semester from September through December

$100 for 90-Minute Rehearsals Each Week for approximately 15 Weeks
Ending with a Christmas Concert in December followed by a 3-week break

Price for the Spring Semester from January through May

$100 for 90-Minute Rehearsals Each Week for approximately 15 Weeks
Ending with a Spring Concert in May followed by a 3-month break

Each choir member must be committed to practices and performances, which will be announced prior to the beginning of each semester.  The prices above cover time for planning, researching repertoire, preparing programs, scheduling performances, buying original printed music and recordings, traveling to performance sites, and coordinating with event-directors.  Additional to the prices quoted above, choir members will be required to purchase specified clothing and music folders to create a coordinated look for performances.  Choir members will sign for and return music and recordings at the end of each semester.

You may audition for the choir at any age or any level of musical ability.  I offer this opportunity to my piano students since they will be well equipped to sing.  But you do not have to be a piano student to audition for the choir, and auditions at this time are open to all ages.

Prices are subject to change on September 1st of each year.