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Private Piano š¯„˛chool of Ellicott City, Maryland

Offering Personalized Piano Lessons for All Ages and Skill Levels in Ellicott City, Maryland Get in Touch


Expert Guidance from Classically Trained Pianist Deborah Olivera

To the residents of Ellicott City, Columbia, Catonsville, and Elkridge, Maryland:


Miss Deborah Olivera is a classically trained pianist offering private piano lessons, for all ages and all levels of study, in Ellicott City, Maryland, South of Baltimore, near Columbia, Catonsville, and Elkridge.

If you are interested in lessons, you may send an email at the contact page or call her on (410) 812-1991.

About Miss Deborah

Miss Deborah started piano at an early age, performed as a soloist and accompanist through High School, and graduated from Peabody Conservatory with a Baccalaureate in Music for Piano Performance.  She has been performing and teaching ever since.

About Her Services and Her Students

Miss Deborah is building a clientele in Ellicott City after having taught from previous residences for over 30 years.  She offers private lessons weekly to children and adults of all ages.  As part of this service, she plans curriculum and helps students prepare for the National Piano Playing Auditions each Spring.  Her students participate in repertoire classes where they play for one another, perform in concerts and recitals for outside audiences, and enter competitions as their abilities allow.

If you are interested in being classically trained at the piano, and being the best you can be, you are cordially invited to audition at the studio.